1. What do you offer at pg4me? (owners/Tenants) - WIIFM

For owner -Our services range from listing your property to accommodation seekers, providing the right kind of visibility to various other services like back-end dashboard reports capturing transactions, Syncing with Tally expense reporting, Security/CCTV services just to name a few.

For Tenant -A website that lists Paying Guest & hostel accommodation options with a search engine unique that it lists properties near your place of work or your place of study. All this with the added advantage and ease of being able to make payments ONLINE!!! Paper free transactions that provide options to download your bookings, receipts and more online :). An added feature is for you as users to leave reviews of the accommodation you are staying at or visited - share your experience, help the Paying Guest /Hostel owners make the property a better place or just say "Good Job!!!"

2. Why Should I (Paying Guest owner/Hostel) sign up with pg4me - WIIFM?

Some of pg4me's Features:

  •  Track Properties

  •  Track Rooms

  •  Track Tenants

  •  Manage Tenant Records

  •   Email Notification

  •   rack Rent

  •  Track Expenses

  •  Dashboard view: Track Due Rent/Inventory

  •   e-Receipts

  •   Generate Vacating Request

  •   Shift Room

  •  Overdue Alerts

  •  Tenant Complaints and Resolution

  •   MS Notification

  •  Reports

  •   Track Ratings/Reviews by Tenants

  • Additional features/services -

  •  Operations Automation

  •  Enhanced Security Systems

  •  Managed Properties

All these features will help you better manage your people and inventory effectively and more efficiently thereby saving time/money.

3. What do you mean by "Operations automation" & how does this help?

Complete automation of workflow from form filling during check-in to payments and transaction details. Integration with Back-office system (Tally)

4. What are additional services offered by pg4me?

Additional features/services -

  •  Enhanced Security Systems

  •  Managed Properties

5. How do we know that information provided by us is safe and secure on pg4me.net?

We use state of the art technology for storing and backing up all the user provided data and information to ensure complete data security and high availability of the hosted information. Our software solution is hosted on the most reliable, trusted and certified hosting solution provided by Reliable Web Services. All transactions that happen through our website are SSL certified thereby ensuring high level of data protection.

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